Effects of the spanish companies investments in Latinamerica

This study aims to estimate the determinants and macroeconomic impacts
generated by Spanish FDI in Latin America during 1993-2003. With regard
to the causes identified as the input motion of Spanish investment in Latin
America can be explained by the size of the economies and the process of
privatization in the region.
Furthermore, in contrast to the above, the statistical
relationship between Spanish investors and the functioning of the real side
of Latin American economies is quite weak, which is to be interpreted in the
light of previous work suggesting that when recorded a high concentration of
FDI in sectors of non-tradable (services), as is the case, it creates a tenuous
impact on macroeconomic variables that determine growth and domestic
macroeconomic balance.
Santos Miguel Ruesga Benito
Julimar da Silva Bichara
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