An investigation of the evolution of intra industry trade in Brasil-Mercosur relationship in the period 1996-2005: what do the numbers show?

The present article has as objective to calculate the intra-industry trade index
of Brazil with Mercosur for the products whose relevance in the commerce intra
area is expressive. The classification follows the NCM (Common Nomenclature
of the Mercosur) and the database is provide by the Secretaria do Comércio
Exterior/Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior (MDIC).
The election of the most important industries was based upon the trade during
2003-2005 and the intra-industry trade index was calculated to 1996-2005.
Eight industries were chosen: cereals, fuels, chemical products, plastic products,
rubber products, nuclear reactors, machines and electric material and vehicles.
They had been distinguished with bigger intra-industry trade index between
Brazil and Mercosur the groups of products manufactured of plastics and
vehicles; and with lesser index of intra-industry trade the groups of products
not manufactured of the cereals and the semi manufactured of the fuels.
Rosana Curzel
Fernando Montoro
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