Maddison's work a reference in the study of the world economy

The work completed by the recently deceased British economist Angus
Maddison is one of the most important legacies of the second half of the
twentieth century for the study of the World Economy. Maddison’s major
contributions refer to four main issues: data collection and pioneering
development of long-term statistics, interpretation of the development of
advanced capitalist economies, the study of the causes of the backwardness of
the less development economies and the comparative analysis of the patterns
of economic development and global structural change and interaction among
its components. This article briefly reviews the major milestones of the prolific
work of Maddison in relation to these aspects, with the aim of highlighting its
great relevance for the present and the future study of the World Economy.
Marcos Fernández-Gutiérrez
Julio Revuelta
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