ICT, co-innovation and firm productivity: empirical evidence from Catalonia and international comparison of results

Using survey data on a representative sample of the Catalan productive
private network (1,238 firms), this paper a) analyzes the new co-innovative (ICT
uses, skilled labour and new forms of work organization) productivity sources;
and b) compares the results in an international framework. For most Catalan
firms (80% of which neither use technology nor are knowledge intensive) there
seems to be no evidence to corroborate the existence of new co-innovation
sources in the explanation of their long term potential growth. When the results
are compared at the international level, findings suggest that: a) there is a
higher incidence of co-innovation on productivity in U.S. and Australian firms,
as it also happens in the European context; b) there is no relevant impact of ICT
use in Spanish firms’ productivity; and c) related to that, there is a significant
delay in the implementation of the co-innovative productivity sources in the
Catalan firms.
Joan Torrent-Sellens
Pilar Ficapal-Cusí
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