Analysis of the role of international financial institutions in the financing of tourism

In general, we assume the potential of tourism as an engine of economic development. In fact, international financial institutions finance the implementation of tourism projects in order to contribute to the economic development of less advanced countries and thereby achieve their goals of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life of people. However, the reality is that many of these projects do not reach expectations. The objective of this research is twofold: to know the main characteristics of these organisms and especially their role in the financing of tourism activity and to identify the type of funding channeled through these agencies to tourism development projects, as well as the main financial instruments used, the criteria that guide granting the same, and even geographical distribution. We proceed from the belief that these organisms are wrong in the treatment accorded to tourism in its funding, leaving them unable to realize the full potential of this economic activity to achieve its objectives.

Isabel Carrillo Hidalgo
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