Crisis: Possibility or necessity? the heterodox economy and the great recession

This article analyzes the explanations of the actual economic crisis carried

by authors of different heterodox currents of thought, such as [neo[Marxist,

post Keynesian and radical and (neo) Marxist. The purpose is to clarify, within

the heterodox analysis, the existence of a theory of possibility or necessity for

the crisis, since it constitutes an important element of the character and reach

of the economic theory of the capitalist dynamic. For that, it characterizes a

group of explanations from the role of finance, the income distribution (and the

demand), the economic policy (neoliberal), the (over)production and the profit

rate evolution. It concludes that, despite exceptions, the heterodox currents

support the conception of the crisis as a mere possibility

Juan Pablo Mateo Tomé
Alberto Garzón Espinosa
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