III third edition of the Call for Papers, Journal for a Progressive Economy

On 17th September 2015, Progressive Economy launched the third edition of the Call for Papers, under the authority of the Scientific Board, which includes leading academics such as Joseph Stiglitz and Jean-Paul Fitoussi.


Every year, the Call for Papers invites academics to submit abstracts within one or more of the three research topics. The Call for Papers is open to researchers with a teaching and/or research position in graduate or post-graduate level teaching and researchers working in a research institute or foundation. The winning papers will be published in a special edition of the Journal for a Progressive Economy. Winners will also be invited to attend the Progressive Economy Annual Forum in June 2016.



The new edition of the Call for Papers is focused on three research topics:

  1. Reforming the Economic and Monetary Union
  2. The Labour Market and the Digital and Technological Revolution
  3. Financial Instruments to Foster Sustainability


The deadline for submission of abstracts via the initiative's website is 4 November 2015.


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