End of the dilemma deeper versus wider European Integration: the case of Turkey

The old dilemma of deeper versus wider European integration makes no
sense today. Budgetary restrictions, the failure of the Constitutional Treaty,
and an arrogant strategy for EU enlargement have diminished the viability
of deeper European integration. Neither policies for citizenship and cohesion
nor a common external policy will be reinforced by a Europe that prefers
enlargement over improvement of its financial, legislative, and institutional
resources. The case of Turkey is illustrative in this regard: Europe seems
to assume this new enlargement without considering its advantages and
disadvantages (qualitative and quantitative). While I support Turkish adhesion,
I also suggest prior evaluation of the implications, as well as of the actions
necessary to prepare Turkey’s EU membership. The reason is simple: if the
EU continues its enlargement without reinforcing its budget and its internal
dimension, the possibilities for implementing cohesion, citizenship, and
external policies will be seriously reduced.
José Antonio Nieto Solís
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